Quaternion Aerospace


Skyaanaa Platform (Currently in Pre-Commercialization Stage)

Specifications at a Glace

Wing Span 2.93m (115 inches)

Wing Area 1.03m2 (1585 inches2)

Payload Capacity 6.5 kg (14.3 lb)

Payload Dimensions 45.7cm (L) x 17.8 cm (H) x 16.5cm (W) or 18”(L)x7”(H)x6.5”(W)

Weight (Dry) 6.9kg (15.2 lb)

Duration/Range: 4.1hr/~200km


Full composite construction

Stable high-wing design with 4-stroke gasoline propulsion option

Large volume, easily accessible payload bay with internal payload mounting rails

Quick assembly with interchangeable surfaces for quick deployment and easy field repairs

Stows into a 81” x 22” x 15” case (Optional shock/water/dustproof case available upon request)

We have developed three configurations:

- Airframe only

- Airframe equipped with servos and engine

- Deployable UAS with fully integrated autopilot and GCS


The Skyaanaa platform will offer a robust, reliable, cost effective solution for applications including UAV development, surveillance and remote sensing. Skyaanaa will be a stable, high wing platform ideally suited for carrying custom payloads or as an airborne test-bed for experimental flight control schemes, collision avoidance systems etc. The large payload bay will allow for easy accessibility and an integrated rack mount offering flexible mounting options.

Following three configurations have been developed for Skyaanaa
Option 1: Airframe only

In this option the UAV will be ready for avionics, engine and servo integration.

Option 2: Airframe with engine, servos and fuel tanks integrated

In this option the UAV will be almost ready to fly with 4-stroke engine, servos and fuel tank pre-installed.

Option 3: Flight ready UAS

In the third option the UAV will be flight ready in under an hour with the integrated 4-stroke engine, fuel tanks and servos and Quaternion’s ezAP® Autopilot. The package will include the custom Ground Control Software (Laptop not included). Each system will be test flown and the autopilot tuned and tested for typical usage scenarios. (Other COTS autopilots can be made available upon request)